Escape ordinary.


Welcome to Evolution.

At Evolution, we know that when your environment evolves, you evolve with it. Descending from the same gene pool as Daly & Shaw Building, we draw on over three decades of inherited knowledge to shape your surroundings, and ultimately, you. So if you’ve got an open mind, let us lead you through the life-changing possibilities that arise through creative custom builds, extensions and renovations. It’s a thrilling journey. One that you’ll look back on one day and think to yourself, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Day one awaits. Are you ready to escape ordinary?


Enhance your experience of "NOW".

Tick. There goes a moment. Tock. And another. Our lives are so busy it’s easy to forget that our time is fleeting. Are we really making the most of every minute?

FACT - we spend 90% of our time indoors.

9.1 years watching TV.
2.5 years cooking.
1.5 years in the bathroom.

So, why are we settling for ordinary in our natural habitat? At Evolution, we believe in the power of your surroundings to shape how you experience every waking hour. Our purpose is to show you what life could look like when your house adapts to you.

Escaping the ordinary.