Escape ordinary.


Welcome to Evolution.

At Evolution, we know that when your environment evolves, you evolve with it. Descending from the same gene pool as Daly & Shaw Building, we draw on over three decades of inherited knowledge to shape your surroundings, and ultimately, you. So if you’ve got an open mind, let us lead you through the life-changing possibilities that arise through creative custom builds, extensions and renovations. It’s a thrilling journey. One that you’ll look back on one day and think to yourself, “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Day one awaits. Are you ready to escape ordinary?


Survival of the fittest.

Just like your home, builders must also adapt to changing conditions in order to remain relevant. At its peak, WA’s mining boom saw in excess of 20,000 houses built a year. Work was plentiful and rates skyrocketed accordingly. But nothing lasts forever. That yearly figure has now plummeted to under 15,000 homes . That’s a of drop more than 10,000 homes a year.

A new breed of builder.

Life is about more than surviving – it’s about thriving. Evolution will take you there. We’ve advanced from humble beginnings to arrive as the complete building service.