At Evolution, our experience has shown us that positive change can only take place when you’re ready for it. Based on our previous success stories, we’ve created a digital representation of what the typical Evolution client looks like.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 2.50.32 pm.png

Creativity Gene
Allows you to dare to be different.

Knowledge Receptors
Gives you a willingness to learn new ideas and a desire to be kept in the loop throughout the project.

Egalitarian Heart
Open to suggestions in the belief that we’re all equal, working towards the same goal.

Value Vision
Lets you see that price doesn’t always equal value. Instead, it’s crystal clear that design ideas, project execution & material choice matter most.

Future Foresight
Allows you to appreciate the process involved to get to your ideal destination.

Architecture Reflex
Helps you overcome your phobia of expensive architect fees through automatically trusting our exceptional designer, Jo.

Stagnation Defence Mechanism
Reacts strongly to stifling environments by craving positive changes to your surroundings.

Time Awareness
An unwavering belief that every moment matters and escaping ordinary is key to happiness.