Life always finds a way to thrive. To achieve this, it needs only one objective – to find the best way.

That’s how we approach every project we undertake at Evolution. In the pursuit of perfection, we seek out the best ways to ensure you get the best value, for the best solution, from design options, to material choices, right down to building efficiencies.

Here’s how we transform a vision into a reality.



We’ll listen to your thoughts, soaking in all your ideas, needs, ambitions and experiences. By filling our minds with the complete picture of why you’re looking to evolve your life, we’ll be in the best state of mind to imagine the best possible solution.

Natural selection


Even if you come to us with a particular idea in mind, we want to open your eyes to new possibilities (like knocking out a wall) so that the solution you select comes naturally. Remember, our objective is not to provide the most expensive option, or the easiest option – it’s to provide the best option. Ultimately, it’s your decision. Our job is to ensure it’s an informed one..



Fear holds back greatness. To overcome it, you need confidence – a feeling that can only come about through trust and transparency. With Evolution, what you won’t see is upselling or menu pricing. No secrets. No add-ons. Instead, we’ll put together a complete package, shining a light on all individual costs so you can see exactly where our value lies.



With the green light to go, it’s time to let the evolution begin. Quality can’t be rushed – that’s why we take a considered approach to your custom build, extension or renovation. From detailed prior planning, to careful selection of materials, fluid coordination of trades and hands-on project management, right down to protocols for unforeseen circumstances. It is this considered approach that allows us to offer you the rare flexibility to change your mind on the fly (within reason). By ensuring no stone is left unturned, you’ll completely avoid expensive post-completion alterations. And ultimately, witness a vision executed with precision.



It never ceases to amaze us seeing our clients finally in sync with their surroundings. The simple act of shaping your environment has a profound effect on your life. It sets you free. You feel closer to the ‘real’ you. Potential is realised. Life just works. This is what we live for here at Evolution – helping you escape ordinary.