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Built in 1979, the bathroom of this home originally featured a small 900x900 shower and roman style bath, leaving little room for the owners to enjoy the room to its full potential. Evolution were invited to modernize the space, increasing its usability and functionality in-line with the changing lifestyle needs of the homeowners. Now displaying crisp, simple lines, the bath was removed enabling increased functionality. We injected a beautiful and elegant appeal throughout, with double sinks putting an end to discussions over counter space, and plenty of storage beneath the floating unit. The new open layout is spacious and inviting, giving a sense of flow, and freedom to use the space. The owners now bask in their space and the pleasing design will help them in the years to come.


Madora Bay

Our Madora Bay bathroom and ensuite project is a wonderful example of the benefits of renovating rather than moving. The original area provided little room to move, and even less storage. Add in a small shower, lots of wasted space, and one quickly realizes the phrase ‘pokey’ seems like a fitting description. Evolution were invited to create a new lease of life, delivering longevity, functionality, and plenty of room. The existing space was converted to accommodate both a bathroom and ensuite, employing seamless and clean design ideas. High end specifications, beautiful materials and improved lighting were fitted, delivering a new simple, functional and gorgeous space.



Renovate or move? This was the question reverberating in the clients mind as they considered their available options. With a grown-up family, the space requirements provided by their current 20 year old home no longer adequately met their needs. Evolution were invited to make meal times exciting again, create more space for the family to interact and live, and add a finishing touch with all new appliances. Working with the client to understand how they live their lives, our design included remodeling the dining room into a scullery. The result is a refreshing amount of bench space to create inspiring food for the family, complete with ample drawers and cupboards accommodating all a family needs. Evolution added a light colour scheme contrasted perfectly by the wooden feature in the island, culminating in a welcoming sense of flow as the new space is integrated into the whole house. 


Future Projects