Just like your home, builders must also adapt to changing conditions in order to remain relevant. At its peak, WA’s mining boom saw almost 30,000 houses built a year. Work was plentiful and rates skyrocketed accordingly. But nothing lasts forever. That yearly figure has now plummeted to approximately 18,000. That’s a drop in 10,000 homes a year – or 40% less.

Boom times sound great in theory, but they’re inherently problematic for unsuspecting customers. At the point where demand surpasses supply, trades become highly sought after. Established builders are therefore more likely to rush jobs to maximise the amount of builds they can squeeze in per year. The sweet opportunities also attract cowboy business ventures, here to wrangle a contract amidst the chaos, regardless of experience or credentials.

What this sadly leads to is a dramatic drop in quality and accountability. Those responsible get away with daylight robbery while times are good and money is thrown around like a rodeo. But what happens when the market cycle turns? Work dries up. The cowboys go bust. And the established builders pay the price for their dishonesty, left to fight it out for scraps as the market smoulders from burnt homeowners. Trust levels are at all-time lows, making work even harder to find. In their desperation, builders engage in a ruthless price war, which unfortunately just drives down quality further. And we’re back to square one.

At Evolution, we found a way to not only survive the end of WA’s boom, but thrive in the aftermath. How? Through our understanding of the market’s cyclical nature, and respect for our clients. We kept our integrity while conditions encouraged frivolity. And we maintain that same integrity today. We’ve never pretended to be the cheapest, but we’ve always promised pure value through finding the best solution, built to last as efficiently as effectively as possible.